ANITA VOLOIR  - LOFT ET DÉCORATION - Fall - winter 2023 collection

ANITA VOLOIR - LOFT ET DÉCORATION - Fall - winter 2023 collection

It is with great pleasure that we find Anita Voloir for a new edition of our magazine.
Artists of the world - LOFT AND DECORATION - Fall - winter 2023 collection

Remember this artist from Lille and based in Normandy who has a school curriculum that is both artistic and scientific and who has shared her passion with us for 30 years already.
Anita is above all an artist full of emotion who offers all contemplators a journey towards escape.
In front of her paintings, she lets the magic of an encounter operate: an osmosis, a harmonious dance between the artist's eye, her hand and the canvas.

For her, the act of painting must above all be a sharing.
A call for freedom blows across his canvases, an initiation to a journey through dreams. The artist opens a window into the deepest parts of herself.

His works come from his imagination; through paradoxical sleep or a vision, the canvas becomes humanized and becomes almost alive.
The play of light and transparency does the rest and we are immersed in a dreamlike world inspired by landscapes, atmospheres or even memories of the artist.

For her, the eye is what matters most and sharing her creations with the eyes of others gives them their full essence. Between the abstract and the figurative, the dream comes to life and the epic journey to freedom begins.

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