Isabelle Maury, Army Painter

« Anita Voloir, the breath of an ardent, generous, free painting » 

Jean-Louis Thibaut, Painter of hyper realism and pastelist

« How far she goes in her search for appearances under the iridescent veil of her happy pastels or the punch of her acrylics. »

Maël d’Alcès, Sociologist

« Dreamlike, she follows her imagination more than she does her models and leaves their reality to the great dismay of Plato's mimesis in the fusion
Bodies and decorations »

Serge Perkowski, former director of the contemporary Art Center of Rouen

"Anita Voloir 's painting, radiates and I remain stunned by the alchemy of her painting.
Truly magical!"

Michel Duchemin, Writer

«... chords that brush against each other, vibrate, collide... A hunt in intense colors. Anita Vloir projects herself into it and invites us to enter it » 

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