The times when Anita Voloir was a medical vascular photographier, seems long gone…

She has been painting for thirty years
 and yet what here eyes see is as important as
 the emotions it arouses
 when in front of the canvas.


« My approach is both physical and graphic far from rigid classicism.
So I try to magnify feelings and emotions to render, most often using dry pastel, the intensy and force of colours.
I like them to melt and provoke curiosity. If my gesture is often spontaneous it is nevertheless after giving it much though leading to night atmospheres or iridescent ambiances.
Background, colours, shadow or light variations, dense or transparent, suggest journeys towards « something else », unuterrable, mysterious, that sometimes goes beyong the frame.
I try to make it alive and free, of its own breathing, vibrations and echoes »

Conception :